Emergency Room Patient Bill of Rights

Some unscrupulous ERs take advantage of ambiguous laws, lax enforcement, and consumer’s fear of legal expenses. This is just wrong, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We the consuming public need to take action and petition our representatives to demand more legal protection from ERs.

Specifically, please consider petitioning your representatives for the following:

  • ERs must inform prospective patients of their fees and criteria for fees prior to admission
  • ERs must inform patients of the costs and reasons for all tests and procedures in writing prior to performing them, and patients or guardians must agree to them in writing
  • ERs must inform patients of all separate bills prior to admission if known, and always prior to any separate charges being incurred
  • ERs charging a ‘facility fee’ must base this fee on the duration of stay, not severity level
  • ERs must not charge a separate bill for the primary ER doctor if they charge a ‘facility fee’
  • ERs must charge rates within 10% of reasonable and customary ER services, as determined by a federal or state government-based oversight organization
  • ERs must send all bills within 1 month of an ER visit; if not, payment is waived
  • ERs must not force patients to agree to pay the ER’s legal bills for enforcement of non-payment
  • ERs that do not follow these rules will be fined heavily and/or shut down entirely.